About–Bahtawi Gebre Mariam

Calling the Church to repentance

From a very young age Gebre Mariam felt a strong calling to the monastic life, he is believed to have performed miracles as early as three years old. Seeing his great power and wisdom his local church clergy suggested that he join the monastic life, seeking God in the above all. At age seven Gebre Mariam entered the monastery of Entoto Mariam. While Gebre Mariam was in the monastery he received visions of the Virgin Mary and healed many Christians in her name. By age 11, Gebre Mariam had established the reputation of a wise and noble monk, thereby allowing him to take on the full monastic vows. By age 13, by the counsel of God and the abbot, Gebre Mariam left the monastery and headed to the wilderness. The wilderness exposed him to many demons and devils, but through the power of the Virgin Mary he continuously was victorious over all sin and evil. After many years in the wilderness, the Virign Mary spoke to Gebre Mariam in vision telling him, “head to the cities so that you can give testimony of your time in the wilderness and call people to repentance.” From that point on Gebre Mariam lived among the sinful people, testifying to the power of Virgin Mary over the demons and calling them to live lives of purity, worshiping God and praising his mother Mary.


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